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My Favorite Lettering Artists: Doyald Young

Doyald Young - logo-type for Bette MidlerIn thinking through this blog series about my favorite lettering artists, one individual comes to mind who has had a pervasive influence on the work of many professional lettering artists. Though I never knew Doyald Young and have only come to appreciate his exquisite lettering and logotype design within the past couple of years, the testimonials from those who had the privilege of knowing and learning from him are legion. He was both an educator, teaching for many years at Art Center College of Design and a professional lettering artist. Known for his impeccable craftsmanship and grasp of subtle letterforms, he was sought after in the business world as well as an inspiring teacher and mentor.

Doyald Young - hotelsWhat impresses me most is the understated elegance embodied in each of his commissions where he drew no attention to himself but graphically enunciated the image of the client he served. Perhaps this was actually his modest personality shining through since his focus was not self-expression but authentically representing his customer through lettering and logotype design. The list of companies, brands and celebrities he represented is impressive and appreciating the high degree to which he took this field of commercial art is more akin to enjoying a symphony than attending a rock concert. As I've revisited his work while writing this brief article I'm motivated to dig deeper into the legacy of this quiet master who unfortunately left us in February of 2011, due to heart surgery complications. 

Click on and enjoy the few samples I've included here. Compare them to some of the other artists I've highlighted in my "favorite lettering artists" series. The breadth of this field and the diverse depth of talent involved is really thrilling! Then watch this short video - a snippet from a full interview done by software training company Lynda.com in 2010. His love of detail, his unassuming manner and his delight in the craft of drawing letters shines through in each word he breathed and each line he drew.


To see more of his work, his books or to purchase his gentle, fluid fonts go to www.doyaldyoung.com.

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