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An Attractive Hand Crafted Sign Will Set Your Business Apart 

Andrew Grundon in his studioBusiness analysts consistently site attractive signage as one of the most effective ways to set a business apart from the crowd and to attract new customers. Not just any sign, mind you, but an attractive sign. An attractive and effective sign is one that is carefully designed, appropriate to the business, skilfully crafted and thoughtfully displayed.

For many business owners, distinguishing their niche through effective signage involves tapping in to the time-honored past by having having a hand-crafted, traditionally made sign. The proliferation of signage through large format digital printing, inept franchises and the entry of cheap outlets into the sign industry, has made signage a disposable commodity and saturated the landscape with mediocre signs. The silver lining of this unfortunate visual pollution is that it has unintentionally created a platform for businesses to distinguish themselves though use of unique, hand-crafted signage.

This was vividly illustrated in this news video made during the London Olympics profiling how many English pubs are coping successfully with the challenges unique to their industry by focusing on traditional hand-painted signs.13 WTHR Indianapolis

I was intrigued by the accompanying article's depiction of the different ways the pubs are dealing with the struggle to stay afloat. The article asserts, "There is one other way of capturing customers. A good first impression. A memorable pub sign." 

Andrew Grundon, the versatile and talented artist profiled in the piece, operates Signature Signs in Cornwall, England. In the article Andrew affirms that "There is an upsurge in people wanting traditional hand painted signs." 

We have moved from being a word-based culture to an image-based culture. The merits and demerits of this phenomenon must be reserved for another discussion, but what it boils down to is that people make decisions based on emotional perception. When a potential customer is faced with a choice between two storefronts side-by-side, the store with an attractive sign portraying the experience they desire is the one whose threshold will be crossed. Of course, the goods inside the establishment must authentically match the beckoning sign, but without the appropriately effective sign on the exterior, the prospective customer would never encounter those desired goods inside. 

The tactile nature of a professionally crafted sign with it's unique personality, brush strokes and individualized character is a viable option for this type of niche marketing, especially for a small specialty business. Many wise business owners are bypassing the trendy, generically produced signs of technological wizardry and are consciously choosing to invest in a hand-crafted sign to distinguish themselves in an increasingly competitive marketplace.


Reader Comments (2)

Thanks for sharing that interesting article, I think the Olympics have helped revive interest in the heritage of Britain.

January 28, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterJack H

I certainly hope you're right, Jack.
We're so inundated on every side with the ostensible superiority of everything "NEW" that we tend to forget how indebted we are to the past.
I've enjoyed getting to know Andrew Grundon a bit via the internet since I wrote this article and have such a great appreciation for his fairy-tale illustrations. He's quite gifted in addition to his sign writing skills.

January 28, 2013 | Registered CommenterDan Seese

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