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Aims Community College mural: A Concert of Education, Commerce, Art & Science

Aims Community College Mural in Loveland, Colorado (click to enlarge)Yesterday was the dedication ceremony for the Aims Community College mural - a recent project in which I played a minor role. The building on which the mural was painted is at the Loveland campus located in the heart of downtown Loveland, Colorado.

The college held a design contest for a mural which would celebrate the theme, "Where art and science meet". A striking creative design conceived by graphic design student Stephanie Ruelas - which features a cool moonlit pallet, ascending doves, subliminal building structures and scientific codes - was selected for the project.

Multi-talented artist and muralist Sheldon James was commissioned to transfer a mural interpretation of the design onto the side of the school building. A day or two into the job he called me to see if I had any thoughts on how to get the scientific codes - binary computer code, human DNA sequences and Fibonacci numbers - onto the building, and once again Sheldon and I became "partners in crime". This was a fairly simple process as I used various portions of these codes in Stephanie's drawing to make pounce patterns which we applied to the surface of the brick. Once the number and letter outlines were on the wall, we (and multiple volunteers) went to work painting them over top of the existing graphics using subtle value changes so that they would not overpower the design but would simply weave their way upward into the artwork.

This was a truly collaborative process where the City of Loveland Art in Public Places Program, Aims Community College, Erion Foundation, Mueller and Associates CPA, and Jeff and Mary Hiatt of the Bonnell Building all played important roles in making the mural possible. Just as crucial in the process were the students from Aims as well middle school and elementary school students who eagerly shared their time and efforts, brushing paint on the wall wherever there was a need.

It was a pleasure to work with Sheldon again, as many eager hands together created a lasting locus of pride to be enjoyed by the college and Loveland community for years to come.


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