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So, What does a sign cost?

A question I'm often asked early in my conversation with a client is, "So what does a sign cost, anyway?"

This is a reasonable question. I mean, how often does the average person buy signage? But in some ways it's like asking what a car costs; obviously the price range on vehicle choices is extremely broad. And the matter is further amplified when you consider that every business sign is a custom sign - not simply a commodity one pulls off the shelf. 

Of course establishing a budget for your sign is one among many factors which must be weighed when commissioning a professional sign for your business. And perhaps one of the best ways to determine that budget is to consider, not how much a sign costs but how much it pays.

What Does a Sign Cost? Over it's lifetime, an effective sign Pays! - (click to enlarge)

When compared with many other forms of advertising such as newspaper, radio, magazine or television, a sign stands out as a single, long-term investment which will continue to serve you - day and night - for years to come. Studies have demonstrated that most decision-making is based on emotion received through visual input. Often providing the first impression seen by the public, your commercial signage speaks volumes about the nature of your establishment and plays a key role in translating potential customers into actual paying customers.

Because this is true, selecting a reputable sign professional who understands the unique challenges of visual communication through signage becomes key to the ongoing success of your business.

An effective sign will be a faithful business partner for years to come - portraying a desired image and beckoning people who are inclined to purchase what you have to offer. The chart above puts things in perspective demonstrating how the cost, spread over the life of the sign, could be one of your most valuable returns on investment.

So a realistic answer to the question with which we began is: "An effective sign doesn't cost - it pays!"

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