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The Enriching Effects of a Home Mural


Painting a mural in a private home brings with it unique challenges along with rich rewards. The need to keep tidy (while locked in the creative zone), respect the privacy of my hosts, and remain unobtrusive is matched by the pleasures of making new acquaintances, understanding their dreams and seeing their excitement unfurl as the mural transforms their space into a completely different environment.

Several years ago I painted a child's bedroom for a family. They wanted to have an ambiance for their little girl with a cheerful, spacious outdoor theme; something enduring, which wouldn't be trendy or outgrown in a year or two. The homeowner (an impressive "master of many trades") had applied a heavy, vertical texture on the walls which, together with the high ceiling, gave the entire room an open, uplifting ambiance. My job was to add a background of pictorial color - extending the illusion outside the physical walls. I surrounded the space - all the walls and the ceiling - painting a loose, airy, bright landscape with open rolling hills, a stream, sunflower field and distant mountains. As you walk into the room a Treebeard-inspired figure greets you and welcomes you into the fantasy. 

With the holidays just behind us I have not been blogging recently but thought I should rev things up for 2013 before I get too rusty. I'll keep this post light on text and let you stroll through the room with a few photos I took (before any flooring or furniture were brought in).

This Treebeard-inspired character beckons you to enter another world

Corner of mural with rolling hills and pathway

Tree in corner of mural with meandering stream in distance

Sunflower field mural

Enjoy more murals in my mural gallery. Then get in touch. We can explore creating a unique environment in your home or business! 


Reader Comments (2)

Nice. I sure wish i could line us up a good chance to do a big project together...

January 14, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterDarren Waltman

Hi Darren,
Nice to hear from you! I was just thinking of you yesterday
Well, we've enjoyed doing a couple of not-so-big projects together. Maybe we'll do something together again in the near future.

January 14, 2013 | Registered CommenterDan Seese

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